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10 Reasons You Need a Website

If you’ve got an exciting business idea, want to expand your business, or want to start selling your products quickly and easily, then you might have decided that you need a website.

Here’s why you should have a website.

1. It’s much easier to launch a new website and have an online business, than it is to set up a new shop or office. You can set up your website for free, even if you don’t know anything about website design, or ecommerce.

2. You can sell your products or services from your own home, without needing a a shop of office, and if your website looks professional, you can appear as though you are a  catalog  more established, or bigger company. Nobody needs to know that you run your internet business from your spare bedroom.

3. Any changes you make your website will be instant. How much better will it be to have all your products and prices up to date, without having to republish your catalogue or brochure several times a month or year?

4. It’s easy to attract qualified traffic to your website, and so you know that the people who find you are interested in what you are offering. How many people who walk past your shop are interested in what you are selling?

5. Pay Per Click marketing provides highly targeted traffic, who are searching for what you provide, so that your advert is displayed when people type in your keywords. You only pay when the advert is clicked, so the costs are very manageable. How does this compare to advertising in a magazine, or billboard, or on the radio or TV, where your advert might be seen or heard by many people, but ultimately not your target audience, or people who are actually searching for what you provide?

6. You really don’t need to be an expert in marketing or web design to run your website, or set up an online business. If you can use your computer, then you’re capable of setting up a website. New pages can be created or amended immediately, so you can add new products, information or news as you need to. You can easily improve your website, or add extra features and facilities so that your visitors and customers can find what they want, and to increase sales and profit.

7. By having your business online, you won’t necessarily need to stick to working normal office hours. Perhaps you’ll work your own hours, or leave your online business to take care of itself, whilst you carry on with your day job.

8. You don’t need additional staff if you decide to launch a website. Unlike a bricks and mortar store, you won’t need to have staff to answer the phone, or provide customers with the information and advice they need before they can buy from you. Everything your visitors need will be on your website.

9. Websites are very cost effective, and even if you decide that a free website doesn’t meet your needs, you don’t have to pay a fortune for your website. Even an all singing and all dancing website probably won’t cost as much as the annual rent on a shop or office.

10. By using SEO, or search engine optimisation, to ensure that your website is found in the search engine results pages, and optimised properly, you can expect lots of visitors who are searching for what you sell.

Now you know why you need a website, isn’t it time that you put your business online?

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